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Sunday, December 6, 2015

What A Year It Has Been...

2015 started with a flood in the corporation yard of the T Barny Studio.Even my large blocks of stone were tumbled by the force of the water. It meant a lot of clean up work

During the summer we had a T Barny marketing summit which helped me clarify who is buying T Barny sculpture and who are potential collectors!. I also attended a 'carving camp' at Camp Brotherhood in Washington State sponsored by the Northwester Stone Sculptors Association!!!

Then my T Barny season started with a show in Santa Rosa, which was followed by one in Carmel at Mary Titus Gallery. That was Clara & Sander's first T Barny gallery opening.

After that it was our annual show at Hunter Kirkland Galley in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Owner Nancy Hunter always find the most amazing match between my sculpture and a particular painter! This year it was Peter Burega.

The wrap up was Sonoma County's annual Art Trails. It is the only time I open my T Barny studio, gallery and sculpture gardens to the general public. We are open for two weekends and while it is a lot of work, it is also satisfying to see 60+ people coming to visit every day! I guess people really do want to 'touch a T Barny