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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sailing into 2011

Did you review what you did last year? How many bronzes did I sell? What was everyone's favorite stone? How did my galleries do compared to the year before? Well, my wife Melinda and my Marketing Director Lori and I always sit down in January, usually over sushi, and go over the happenings of the previous year. It's always fascinating to see what people acquired to be part of their everyday lives. I had repeat collectors and I had new collectors. I'm holding steady carving between 25-30 original stone sculptures every year. The new "gem" patina colors for the bronze collection proved popular this past year. I just finished polishing the piece shown above titled Windan. 'Like The Wind' I'm sailing into 2011 with a full show schedule. Windan is shown in the new Sapphire patina color. You can see video of this piece on my website: http://www.tbarny.com. And if you want great sushi, check out: http://www.garychus.com/sakeo

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

January Sunshine

You should of seen this piece "glow" today. This January sunshine is great and keeps me working very full days in the studio. Did you have sunshine in your part of the world today? I hope so. I talked to one of my galleries today in Pinehurst, North Carolina. They don't typically get snow but lately have had snow and ice. It's nice to be a California sculptor!!
I've been working in more transparent stones lately: Argentine Onyx, Banded Onyx, Persian Onyx, Mexican Fluorite and Utah Calcite. I just finished this superellipsoid shape I call ABSTRUSE which means 'Difficult to Understand'. The design is complex so it allows the sunshine to soak in and really "glow" from all different angles. If you don't have sunshine, maybe this sculpture will warm your day. Stay tuned - next week will feature another new piece!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Year - New Work

Happy New Year! Do you have your resolutions and goals for the New Year in place? Mine aren't so much resolutions but rather challenges to meet the demanding schedule I have ahead. 2011 filled in fast with shows. I'm excited about that because it is also the year that I celebrate "T30". Yes, I've been sculpting for 30 years professionally.
Shows this year will take me and my newest work to Connecticut, North Carolina, Santa Fe and throughout California. I'm starting the year in 2 Valentine Shows: Sonoma State University Art Gallery 26th Annual "Art From The Heart" and the Ira Wolk Gallery in St. Helena, CA for "Love Actually". And I was just accepted for the Art History Channel and their Cable TV Network Show which will premiere in March. You can visit the artists accepted through their website and they will be featuring one artist a month. I'll keep you posted.
Pictured above is a piece I just finished of Banded Onyx. It's title is VOLUTE which means 'Spiral Wave'. It stands 20"H x 16"W and 8"L. $5400. It is available here at the studio.