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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sailing into 2011

Did you review what you did last year? How many bronzes did I sell? What was everyone's favorite stone? How did my galleries do compared to the year before? Well, my wife Melinda and my Marketing Director Lori and I always sit down in January, usually over sushi, and go over the happenings of the previous year. It's always fascinating to see what people acquired to be part of their everyday lives. I had repeat collectors and I had new collectors. I'm holding steady carving between 25-30 original stone sculptures every year. The new "gem" patina colors for the bronze collection proved popular this past year. I just finished polishing the piece shown above titled Windan. 'Like The Wind' I'm sailing into 2011 with a full show schedule. Windan is shown in the new Sapphire patina color. You can see video of this piece on my website: http://www.tbarny.com. And if you want great sushi, check out: http://www.garychus.com/sakeo

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Chicken Mama said...

You went out for sushi and didn't call me!!!