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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

CATENAX - The Mobius Strip

CATENAX, defined as a ‘Large Chain of Connected Ideas’, began its existence as the ‘Commemorative Piece’ celebrating T Barny’s 25th year of being a professional sculptor. The piece was sculpted of Italian Alabaster and it was chosen by the artist to represent the celebration of his ‘One Quarter Century of Creative Excellence’ in 2006. The piece was cast in two tabletop size editions; one of cast stone and one of bronze. These pieces measure 11 in.x 9 in.x 6 in. and are both editions of 25. During the casting of this piece the original didn’t survive the process and therefore no longer exists. The piece was scanned to the heroic size of 41 in.x 41 in.x 31 in. and mounts atop a pedestal measuring 36”H x 24” diameter. CATENAX is cast in bronze with a jade patina in an edition of 25 that was just released in 2008.

“My forty year fascination with the mobius; the simple original strip introduced to me in the third grade, has led me to what I continue to carve out of stone today” explains the artist. A T Barny mobius still has one side and one edge but is three-dimensional and travels through itself on continuous intertwined loops.

“This is my expression of non-duality; my statement of oneness, creating an interrelated continuousness. We are all connected: to each other, to the earth and to the universe around us” states T Barny.

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