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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Director's Choice

Did you come out for ARTrails? The last day was a rainy one but my most well attended. Rain or shine, it was a great group of people who came to see me, my sculpture and where I work. Now as I shift gears, I prepare for an invitational show in St. Helena at the Ira Wolk Gallery. This "Director's Choice" Show will be up November through December. I'm sending them pictures of new work for them to review and they will choose 3 pieces for this special exhibit. Above is one of my favorite new pieces. The title "DUODENARY" means 'Twelve'. There are 12 points to the pieces while at the same time still holding my curvilinear style. The stone is Brucite Marble with has green streaks through the black and grey texture. It also has an area of "Fool's Gold" in it. This piece measures 18in.x 13in.x 7in. Check out other new work at: http://www.tbarny.com
Enjoy Fall and HaPpY HaLLoWeeN to all of you.

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