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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

#3 of 30 Countdown to 8-18-2012

MOIRAE, Carrara Marble  T BARNY 1982

My 'signature form' - The MOBIUS. When I look back through the years, I realized that the first one came about just 2 years after I graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design. MOIRAE (pictured above) was the first true mobius that I had made in 1982. THISBE was also carved in 1982 and later became the first bronze casting. THISBE is a classic Mobius and I feel it represents a classic 'T Barny' for 30+ years now. Melinda has another video for you tomorrow of my journey of amazing Mobius sculptures. Come to The Year Of The Mobius on Saturday to see the latest and greatest Mobius and Trefoils.

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