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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pondering Shape

Can you believe it's still raining? It's almost June! My tarp is back over the front of my studio and the heater is on. I just finished a new piece I carved from Mexican Fluorite. Here is the picture of "Congomen". It shows what kind of stone I'm talking about. "Congomen" was created and sold in 2007. The new fluorite piece I just finished has a lot of purple, light green and dark teal. I brought it into the gallery at lunchtime and I'm pondering the shape. It has more of a horizontal flow to it than my typical swirls and pointed, swaying tops. This year I have been stretching myself to create musical instruments out of stone, cast my bronzes in jewel-tone colors and carve my classic beauties all at the same time. This new fluorite piece seems to suggest through its shape that I'm expanding my focus, my ideas and my direction all at the same time. Just something to ponder...

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