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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Polishing Bronzes

Elbow grease, the right wax and time make my bronzes shine. Just picked up 6 new pieces at the bronze foundry; 5 more will be ready next week. My galleries are selling and so I'm always getting ready for what's next. Polishing the bronzes brings out the texture and depth of the patinas. For my interior bronze sculptures I like to use "Johnson's Miniwax" paste; it is typically available at your local hardware store. To apply, I use a clean rag to cover a small area about 5 inches by 5 inches with the wax. Immediately I buff it with a second CLEAN rag. This thin wax coating will protect the sculpture and keep its luster. For my exterior bronze sculptures I like to use "Optimum Car Wax"; it has a patented UV System that helps prevent fading from the sun. I spray the entire surface with Optimum and them immediately buff it with a CLEAN soft rag. This spray wax is as durable as a paste wax and will last up to 5 months. www.optimumcarcare.com. Polish and enjoy!

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