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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sept. 25 ARTrails Party

As I flashback to 1985, I remember a group of us artists were looking for a way to get the public to our studios. I was one of the artists who helped put together the very first ARTrails! One of my favorite memories over the years involves a little boy and his birthday. To introduce the little one to the arts, his grandparents gave him a catalog and asked him which studio he would like to visit for his 7th birthday. He chose my studio year after year. I've now seen the boy grow into his teenage years. The grandparents have proven what an educational experience ARTrails is for us all.
I personally invite you to join me as I attend the ARTrails 25th Celebration. Saturday, September 25 in Santa Rosa, CA.
ARTrails Preview Exhibit Art Reception: 6-8pm at 404 Mendocino Ave. ARTrails 25th Celebration: ARTrails Revealed Party: 7-10pm at Glaser Center, 547 Mendocino Ave. Hope you can join us for Food, Wine, Music, Dancing, Raffles, ART and Surprises. Online reservations $15:

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