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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Surface Transition

When I could see my breath in the cold studio today I knew it was time to use my little propane heater! I've been working on this "pointed style" design lately. It's all about "Surface Transition" - I take a little off here and a little off there, look at it and then take a little off here and a little off there. Then look at it again. It's not like bending paper; it's 3-dimensional. From edge to edge, I need to be aware of how it flows. These new designs still have my classic curvilinear approach but with a directional evolution going on throughout the piece. The piece above is titled, "SESTET" which means the 'Last 6 Lines in a Sonnet'. It measures 20"H x 13"W x 7"L. I carved it from a block of Picasso Marble. Enjoy it online or picture it in your home or office.

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