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Friday, February 26, 2010


The piece pictured above is titled "AERIE" which means 'Falcon's Nest'. I love unusual words that have unique definitions. While sculpting a block of stone I purposely don't name my pieces until they are finished. Certain words come to mind but I like letting the piece and its' meaning evolve. Over the last three decades I've created a huge file full of words. I write them down when I come across them in newspapers, magazines and art publications. They eventually end up being the titles of my work.

In the 1960's it was fashionable that artists didn't title their work. Everything was titled, "UNTITLED #1", "UNTITLED #2", etc. The Avant Garde era of artists didn't want to label their work. They wanted the work to say something without a title or perhaps they didn't have the time or connection with the work to feel it deserved a title. Though I feel my work speaks for itself, I also want to give it a title. I feel this title gives the viewer a personal connection with that particular work. I want to see that connection happen and give them some insight on how I see the piece.

You can view my pieces, their "TITLES" and their meanings on my website: www.tbarny.com

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