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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"It's A Gem"


Above is a great look at my sculpture titled ELARA. This picture shows the 3 gem colored patinas of Jade, Sapphire & Ruby. ELARA is an Edition of 25 and measures 17in.x 11in.x 5in. The title means 'Moon of Jupiter'.
My bronzes don't come from clay or wax molds. They come from my original sculpture. It gives the bronzes more integrity. Here is something I hand carved now immortalized in bronze. Stone and wood have some flexibility in their essence. Bronze, however, is the most stubborn material. Using the "lost wax" process, I ask the bronze to transform itself into a T Barny Sculpture. Even the patina preserves the essence of the stone through the patterns I achieve. It is a joy to see my work captured into a new bronze identity.
All eight bronze designs are available in a choice of these 3 patina colors. Enjoy my sculpture videos at: http://www.tbarny.com

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