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Sunday, July 29, 2012

#20 of 30 Countdown to 8-18-2012

August Ferdinand Mobius (1790-1868)
Melinda and I were in London in 2003. We went to visit Melinda's childhood favorite; The Science Museum. We wandered around and suddenly we saw an exhibit in the "Math" room dedicated to Augustus Mobius! I could not tear myself away. Here were the various equations and models used by Augustus Mobius to plot his concept in three dimensional space. He was born in 1790 and has many mathematical concepts named after him, including the Mobius Transformations, important in projective geometry, and the Mobius Transform of number theory. He has a crater on the moon named after him as well as an asteroid. Mobius is also the name of a cartoon and video game character, a band and a song!!! As you know, we are serving Mobius Wines at The Year Of The Mobius event on August 18. And guess what? Augustus Mobius will be here for a special appearance!

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