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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


It's Official - The 30 DAY COUNTDOWN to the annual T Barny Gallery and Sculpture Garden event begins July 19, 2012.

Have you ever seen something so beautiful that it still remains in your mind? You meant to go back and see it again. You meant to find out more about where it came from, who made it and how. Years later you have to know the answers but the artist has moved onto a new style of work. It is no longer available. What do you desire? Timeless elegance? Save The Date 8-18-2012. Rare Pieces Available. 

WHO: Sculptor T Barny presents his unique tribute to "The Mobius"
WHAT: The Celebration is a FREE, One Day, Open to the Public Event
WHERE: T Barny Gallery and Sculpture Gardens  4370 Pine Flat Road in Healdsburg, CA
WHEN: Saturday, August 18, 2012 from 4-7pm
WHY: Discover what Augustus Ferdinand Mobius, T Barny Sculpture and The Year Of The Dragon have in common. 
HOW: The MOBIUS has been a source of intrique and mystery to many. It is the visual manifestation of the geometric formula which describes an object with one side and one surface. T Barny continually conquers the challenge of creating the MOBIUS out of stone in his rare and unusual sculptures.
Celebrate The Year Of The Mobius 8-18-2012! 

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