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Friday, July 27, 2012

#22 of 30 Countdown to 8-18-2012

Making a Mobius: The Challenge Of One Edge After this many years, when I look at a block of stone, I can see the general Mobius shape that it contains. It is really tough though keeping my focus on the one edge as I begin to carve the stone. I can draw the outside lines on the raw block. The edge curves in and out of the block so that at some point I have to imagine the path of the line. When I use the chainsaw to produce the shape, I have to concentrate on the danger of using this piece of machinery AND at the same time continue to keep the design of one edge in the front on my mind. That can be quite a challenge when I am working for several hours on the same piece. I also get interrupted in my studio by deliveries and my "Studio Dogs" Sander and Clara. I can't believe that I haven't broken more pieces in my career!!!

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